Art gallery
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Art gallery

I DO , I Dance , IDentity !

Find your confidance in art dance and personal dicipline!

Teaching / Coaching

From my 10 + years of teaching experience i realize that you can teach the studnets allot more if they learn to be diciplined and having the right mind set to tackle challenges and fce obstacle in life. tht why i made it my misosn to beome not only a dance teacthe but coach


What doesn means ? Is it two classes?

its al in one. Its  a unique appraoch  to not only focus on the dancing quality but also the power of leadership and selfesteem. my personla experince is that this give the students allot more confidance on and off stage and it becomes a team insteat of a group.


My teahcing ranges from bigger to advance. With every level i give them  challnges that they can go about to reach the next step in their personal skills developing stage.


What i love more about choreogrpghing is that i get to use the studnets tallent to the max. i rely love to mamke dancepieces with a meassge that people think about after the peformance to inspire them to make a possitive change. i think art is the language of  solving problems and  intend to us eit to the fulles potential.

Perfomance genre

I combine styles as bboying , modern , hip hop and afro in to my peices because those are closses to my heart. I belove that hen we work form out hearts other may have a bigger chance to relate and mka e a connection ith what we are presenting

Contemporary bboying

The style i love the most is a style that im uncovering as i go.allot of people give it a nyame baseed on hat they think it is . for me its the pure emotion express without limit using the basic of bboying and modern together. and slowing it down so poeple may understand mor then they would if i here to be moving fast. bboying is a rlatively fast dance style and to the gneral pbic its usually a blur and some dynamic moves here and there. so i made it my mission to let them have an insight on whats is going on hen we arre moving at supper fast speeds.

expression with paint

I really love mixing my talents and learn new skils. it give life fresh twist that make sme feel refresh. that why i  began  with painting. its very libaratinga and i think we should all have more than one way of expressing our self. i also use this in coaching sersion to just let everything go and to create what only the mind eye can see.


if you like what u see and you wnat to doate tho this cause feel free to take contatc with us and u can purchase one of the paiting that u liked. its all goes to greating more art and suppotying possitive change one canvas at a time.